You Don’t Have to Drink, Eat, Spend Too Much – even at Christmastime

Matt Haig, the author, tweeted this yesterday:
Matt Haig@matthaig1
Things it’s really ok not to do at Christmas if you don’t fancy it: – drink – eat meat – spend too much – take covid risks – see people who harm your mental health – break your routine – anything at all that makes your health worse. Compulsory fun isn’t always fun. Know thyself.

The underlying message of this tweet is a good reminder this time of year. You do you.

Black letters on white background “just do you” with a drawing of a heart underneath

You want to toast your friends with a glass of wine on Zoom, go for it. But, if you don’t drink and a client sent you a bottle of wine, you don’t have to open it. Maybe you prefer mocktails? Or you like to toast with coffee or tea?

Picture of a delicious looking blood orange mocktail

You want to participate in a virtual yoga/strength/zumba class at 11 on the 24th but that will make you late for a family Zoom lunch? Do your class and log in late.

Your friends and family are planning to ignore public health advice and gather over the holidays, when they should know better, and you are on the receiving end of a first class guilt trip? Know better and opt out. Covid-19 doesn’t care that it’s turkey time.

You’d rather watch the Small Axe anthology on Amazon Prime than see your uncle on Zoom who reminds you about your “awkward tween years”? Pop some popcorn and watch your show. Or eat cheese, if that’s how you like to do your streaming marathon.

A plate of sliced apples, popcorn, pretzels, marble cheese and chopped nuts.

Just remember that there is no time of year, including Christmastime, when you are obliged to eat, drink, do anything that makes you feel bad, in order to make someone else feel better.

Happy YOU for the holidays!

Nicole P. lives in Toronto with her husband and two dogs and enjoys movement and doing things she really wants to do, even at the holidays.
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