Day 15: Make a doodle

I am not someone who can draw. I can do little stick people and that’s about it. During the early days of the pandemic, I was on a call when one of the speakers said something that spoke to me. I wrote it down (I’m a compulsive note-taker) and started doodling around it.

Image shows a doodled heart filled with flowers framed by a border with a quote: We are never lost if we can find each other.

I found it relaxing and a useful way to record nuggets of information. Sometimes I filled in spaces with dots; sometimes I drew spirals; sometimes I just changed the colours. I still can’t draw a line (helpful hint: use a ruler!) but I now have a little stack of quotes and ideas filled with colour and random shapes. Engaging in creative play, even with simple materials like a pen or pencil and scrap paper, offers some respite in a busy day.

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