Dec. 13: Have a cuddle

One of my favourite things to do as a kid was to pile a bunch of pillows in the bottom of my closet space, crawl in, pull the eyelet curtain that served as a door across, and read to my heart’s content in my makeshift cocoon. As an aunt, I loved building blanket forts with my nieces and nephews and when I had my child, I did the same with them.

Blanket forts, pillows, pets, people — depending on our experiences, we can enjoy a cuddle or comforting touch from time to time on our terms. The pandemic has meant for many of us there are limits on who we can hug or when. The absence of touch for comfort can be stressful. Taking a hug break can be hugely calming and beneficial.

Don’t want a hug from another human? Don’t have a cat or dog, or other warm creature in your space? Turn yourself into a human burrito by wrapping yourself in a cuddly blanket or burrowing under a pile of quilts.

Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash Image shows a soft white fluffy feather on brown grass.

Or you can find a soft object — a toy, a comfy sweater, a shawl — to pat. Rhythmic touch can also be soothing and give you just enough relaxation in five minutes to help you keep going on your next task.

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