Touch a tree today

Last weekend, we went for a walk in a forest in Muskoka and saw these amazing fungi.

Did you know that being in nature is good for your health?

Because, SCIENCE.

There are comprehensive health benefits to being in natural and green environments:

Being in nature improves immune system function, strengthens the cardiovacular system, reduces hypertension, reduces stress hormones (cortisol), and improves stress and anxiety.

One study even suggested that “forest bathing” (intentionally hanging out among the trees) contributed to fewer covid deaths in Italy.

Also, trees are cool. They are the longest living organisms on earth, they are fundamental to our ability to breathe air on this earth, and most cool, they are interdependent beings:

Also, you can hug them:

Summer isn’t over yet here in Canada — hop on out there and breathe in some forest goodness.

Just don’t eat the fungi if you aren’t 100% certain what it is.

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