Happy International Dog Day!

There were a lot of dogs in my social media newsfeeds this morning. I mean, there are always a lot of dogs in my social media but this was EVEN MORE DOGS. Turns out it’s International Dog Day!

In honour of International Dog Day, here’s a selection of past posts about dogs.

Yoga Dogs!

Can fit be a canine issue too?

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Dogs are Awesome

Guest post: Running with Dogs and Succeeding

Guest post on dogs as fitness heroes

Dogs as intuitive exercisers

Nat is wrangling work, workouts and dog walking

That’s just a quick sampling. There are lot more dog related feminist fitness posts here!

If you like reading about fit feminists and their dogs, let me also recommend Carla Fehr’s excellent blog On the Road with Milo. Carla has guest posted here about Milo and Pokemon Go.

Also, Cheddar and I want to wish you a Happy Dog Day! Enjoy! (You can read about Cheddar the puppy here.)

Cheddar and I do yoga with Adriene and Benji!
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