5 great things about Zoom online yoga class

Woman lying on yoga mat in front of TV where yoga class is on.

Today I just did my first (of probably many) Zoom online yoga classes. It was a fundamentals class, lasting an hour. Here’s a list of things I really liked about it.

5. The commute: I left my zoom department meeting at 11:50am in my dining room, walked to the living room and set up my mat, props and laptop in time for noon class.

This is soooo not my house.

4. Easy wardrobe change: I was wearing my yoga clothes in my work meeting with a nice-looking (to me) sweater, which I took off for yoga. Presto, change-o!

Unlike me, this person got their work/yoga boundaries confused.

3. Time and money savings on laundry: I wore the same yoga clothes for the zoom class as I had the day before for my video yoga workout. Hey, you’re all doing it too… 🙂

Cartoon in which 4 pairs of pants say to a person, “we love you but we’re concerned. You never wear anything but your yoga pants anymore.”

2. Opportunities for cultivating compassion; in my case, for the yoga teacher whose headset kept falling off, so she gave up and just kind of yelled for the rest of the class. No complaints– it worked.

At least the camera was well-placed to be out of the way of curious cats.

And now, number 1:

At least it wasn’t yoga on the deck of a kayak!

Who else believes this won’t end well?
Yep. That didn’t end well.

Hey readers: have you tried any zoom fitness/activity classes? How have you liked them? What haven’t you liked? We’d love to hear from you.

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