Books for fit feminists and friends!

There are parts of my Dean’s job that feel like work–tenure and promotion meetings, anyone?–important work, yes. But still work. And then there are times when I’m just thrilled to be associated with the College of Arts at Guelph and the thing that I’m doing just feels like fun, not like work at all.

As Dean I get to attend musical performances, art openings, and theatre.  Also, book launches. Last week we had our first big snow and I walked home and then bundled up to walk downtown to the Bookshelf/ebar  to watch two fantastic women colleagues in History launch their new books.

Full disclosure: I own signed copies and I’ve listened to them read from their books but I haven’t read them yet. Still, it strikes me that they’re books that readers of this blog would like very much.  In Thumbing a Ride: Hitchhikers, Hostels, and Counterculture in Canada Linda Mahood explores the rise and fall of hitch hiking in Canada. In Be Wise! Be Healthy!: Morality and Citizenship in Canadian Public Health Campaigns Catherine Carstairs and her co-authors examine the history of public health in Canada. These books connect with our themes of adventure and travel, as well as health education and healthism.

Looking for holiday gifts? All of your friends already own Fit at Midlife? Then, consider these titles!

Oh, oh, oh. I also love that they had non-alcoholic punch at their lunch. Thanks Linda and Catherine! (I’m hoping to get them both on board as bloggers too. Wish me luck.)

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