Sam makes peace with kale and quinoa

Tracy broke up with chocolate. Not me. Me, I broke up with kale and quinoa.

We’re big on liking things around here. About exercise we say, find the thing you love. If you don’t love it, don’t do it.

Ditto with food. Eating shouldn’t be a duty.

Kale and quinoa were starting to feel that way.

Truth be told, it was probably in part due to all the special meals that I get served as a vegetarian. People get excited about the special efforts it took to get me a bowl of kale and quinoa. “It’s a complete protein, you know.” I think that’s a myth,

Also, I really hate salads where you expect edible vegetables and instead you get kale. Kale Caesars are an abomination.

But then my GoodFood box arrived this week and of the three meals, one had kale and the other quinoa. True, I made the deconstructed lasagna that had neither kale nor quinoa first. But the other two were delicious.

The seared tofu and broccoli salad was amazing even though it contained quinoa. Turns out that peanut sauce helps.

Ditto the Bibimbap that contained kale. Turns out when you steam it, it’s actually edible and has that nice green taste I associate with spinach, broccoli, collard greens etc. Yum! Thanks Sarah for knowing how to cook it.

I’m beginning to see advantages to knowing how to cook. The GoodFood boxes help. I won’t say I enjoy cooking just yet. But I like the food I’m eating as a result. Kale, quinoa, you’re forgiven for now.

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