Badass women on bikes in India

I hope to write more from India while I’m here because so far my trip has been truly amazing. I’ve been traveling with a group of women — we started out as four and now are six — with a few days in Chennai and now on to Pondicherry for the conference on Feminist and Gender Studies in a Global Context, at which five of the six of us are presenting papers.

We’ve been having a blast.

The street life here is lively and bustling, and the traffic is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. If you plan to walk, you need to be super alert. I cannot imagine going for a run on the streets here (apart from the heat, the sidewalks are sketchy and there are just too many people and vehicles to make it worthwhile). But that’s minor. I anticipated it in advance and left my gear at home.

Here’s my favourite picture so far. I think you’ll agree that these young women are forces to be reckoned with.

Image description: street scene dominated by three women on scooter style motorbikes. The one in front is on a lime green bike wearing a red sari and headscarf, with a smiling woman peeking over her shoulder from behind her. Next is a woman on a pink bike in a full black burka, and a woman on a silver bike in a green head scarf. Men on two other bikes are looking at the women. A yellow auto-rickshaw is pulling up the rear. Street light posts and trees line the side of the road.
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