Thoughts as I contemplate working out at philosophy conferences (Guest post)

by Alison Reiheld

1) Can I combine exercise with seeing the local historic and cultural sights, or will exercise mean missing out?

2) I despise comparing my fitness to other people so it is important that I not work out in a group, which means I have to trade socializing for working out unless I can find time for both.

3) Suppose I use the conference hotel fitness center or walk into the hotel sweaty sweaty and in spandex. What do I do if/when I run into academics who I very much want to respect me for my mind, but who would be reminded that I have a body?

4) Is it only philosophers who worry about this last one, and might take a reminder of embodiment as an indicative of lack of intellectual rigor?

4a) Am I being uncharitable towards my peers?

5) Maybe I want them to notice my active lifestyle given that I am presenting on (in part my own) fatness.

6) This feels like a trap.

7) I hate traps.

8) Sweat in the air, don’t care. Putting on my best exercise gear. Let’s do this.


Alison is a fulltime feminist, full-on philosopher, part-time lifter of heavy things, sometime runner, and perpetual motion machine.

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