Kincardine 2017 Race Reports: Tara, Carolyn, and Susan add their two cents about fun, first times, and friendship #kwt2017

Bright sunny day for the group picture at Kincardine Triathlon and Duathlon. The front row (left to right) is Susan F, Carolyn, and Tara. The back row (left to right) is Susan T, Sam, and Sarah.
Group picture at Kincardine Triathlon and Duathlon. The front row (left to right) is Susan F, Carolyn, and Tara. The back row (left to right) is Susan T, Sam, and Sarah.

Tara: For the last three years, I have done the duathlon (run 3k, bike 12k, run 3k). Last year, even though I didn’t appreciate it at the time, I think I was the fittest I’ve ever been. I was running regularly, even training some would say, I was biking a fair bit and had other sports that I played as well. I look back and marvel at my fitness level last year and am disappointed that I didn’t appreciate it more at the time. So this year, I’m working on being more thoughtful and appreciative of me and what’s going on around me. I’m still fit…just less so than last year and that’s okay! I’m able to move without pain, I’m fast, I can go out and run 5k with minimal training and I play soccer on three teams. I’m healthy and that’s nothing to take for granted! My race went well. It was a beautiful sunny day, I hung out with family, race friends, and met new people. Goal achieved for me. I raced, completed it well and had a great time! I’ve already marked my calendar for next year’s race and if it doesn’t sell out before I sign up, then I hope to do it again next year. Signing up for this race is a bit like buying concert tickets, it sells out within a very short time (hours and sometimes less) and I think that says a lot about this race…people love it and I do too.

Tara has two busy boys, a husband and a new puppy. She also coaches U10 boys soccer, plays soccer with a lot of fun people, runs, bikes and works full-time.

Carolyn: This year was my first time doing the Kincardine triathlon or any triathlon for that matter. I did try registering for it in a previous year but couldn’t get my act together in time on New Year’s Day to get in before all of the spots were gone. I’m glad I was successful this year, because the race was great! Since I have two youngish children, I didn’t have much time to train, although the running around that comes with having kids I think allowed me to be fit enough to feel moderately comfortable during the race. I found the swim mercifully short and not too difficult; however, I’ve spent every summer of my life swimming in Lake Huron and so had no fear of the water or the waves. The worst part for me, hands down, was the run, despite the fact that running is the only activity of the three that I had competed in in the past. Transitioning from bike to run was hard, and I’ll definitely practice that before doing the race again. I’ve already committed to doing it again with my friend Jane, and hope to convince other friends to join us. What a wonderful way to begin the summer!

Carolyn McLeod is Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at Western University. Her extended family of McLeods hail from Southampton Ontario, where she spent her summers as a child and learned to swim in Lake Huron.

Susan T: This was my first year doing this event and also my first duathlon. I have been very focused on running this year and was only out on my bike twice before the race so I was trying to hold lightly the outcome. I had also just had a super disappointing race two weeks prior were I went for a personal best and ended up burning out and feeling awful. I drove up to Kincardine after driving back from camping in Cornwall and I was really just looking at it as a social event. I kept whispering to myself, “This is not a competition, this is not a competition, this is not a competition. . . .Bahahaha who are you kidding?” It turns out it was a redemptive experience. Yay. I felt great and the temperature was perfect. I flew through the first 3k and then got on my bike. MY CLIPS DIDN’T WORK. Always safety check these things people. I managed to fly along the bike course anyway and didn’t fall off because of unclipped feet. The second run was a bit leaden feeling but I was still going at a good pace so I was happy. I finished strong. I will definitely try to do this event again. The best part is doing it with friends 🙂

Susan blogs regularly at Fit is a Feminist Issue. You can read all of her posts here

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