Weekend workouts raised Sam’s heart rate a lot and a little

This weekend I raced in a short distance duathlon,  I took Cheddar and Nat’s dog Kirby on a 5 km dog hike along with Sarah, Susan, and Gavin after the duathlon (good to keep moving, right?) and I went on 50 km social bike ride with Sarah and David the next day that ended in coffee and cruffins.

In the 217 in 2017 Facebook group I participate in each counted as a workout. But they’re very different workouts and one way you can see the difference is by looking at heart rate data.

Here’s the bike course of the duathlon:

The runs looked pretty much the same except for the short bits where I took walk breaks. Yikes. Hard work.

Here it is on my Garmin. The Garmin is a more accurate heart rate measure. It uses a chest strap rather than a wrist band.

The course starts with a hill and you can see that looking at the heart rate information.

Average heart rate: 153, Max heart rate: 166

Here’s the dog hike, by comparison.

And here’s the 50 km bike ride.

Here’s what that looked like on my Garmin.

Average heart rate: 117, Max heart rate: 150

I’ve written before about training using heart rate information. See here on why take it easy.  See here on why go hard.

Do you pay attention to your heart rate when working out? Why? Why not?

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