What are you doing this weekend?

I’m on sabbatical in Toronto this semester (see Sam’s Toronto-based sabbatical fitness plan begins) but this weekend I’m back in little London, Ont to work on the feminism and fitness book revisions with Tracy and to catch up with family, friends and Cheddar.

See, isn’t he adorable? I miss Cheddar. (I miss the people too.)

But after we get some work done on the book revisions, I’m thinking I might get some movement in. Here’s the current plan:

Friday night? I’m hoping for Aikido given that I can’t make it on Saturday.

Why?  I’m busy all day Saturday with a series of work related conference/Skype calls for a professional association for which I serve as the Vice-President but I’m hoping to get a dog-jog in at the very least.

Sunday I’ll either ride my bike outside or sit on the trainer and “Netflix and spin” for a bit. Sunday night I’m planning on hot yoga.

Monday it’s back to the big city for more spinning and more boxing and jogging and weights at the Hart House gym.

How about you? What do you have scheduled, fitness and fun wise? Catherine posted last week about life-work balance. How’s that working for you on the weekends?

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