Sam walks Cheddar to work: Multi-tasking that’s worthwhile

It was one of those days. I’m back in London after sabbatical, after Pride, after some holidays in Spain. And you know what it’s like coming back to the office after time away. Hundreds of emails and so much to do. And some of it even needed doing in my actual, physical office. Working at home wouldn’t cut it.

Normally I get to work by riding my bike or by driving. But I don’t pay for summer parking on campus so that ruled out driving. (I’m thrifty that way.) I could bike but I needed to walk Cheddar. He didn’t get out yesterday. It was either thunderstorming or I was riding my bike. There was no ignoring the need for a long dog walk. (For a great piece of the exercise benefits of dog ownership, see here.)

The very good news is that I can have a dog at work with me (thanks Western!). The bad news is that it’s too far really to walk the whole way. Instead we parked at a school halfway there.  

In addition to the paved multi-use pathway, there’s a trail along the river which I really like. I never understand why more people who are walking don’t use it.

It’s well marked with signs and blazes on the trees. It’s shady and cool even in the heat of summer. We saw exactly one trail runner while the main paved pathway was busy with the usual collection of cyclists, stroller walkers, runners, and so on.

So Cheddar got his walk, I got lots and lots of steps in, and I got to work in my office for a bit. I know people are always talking these days about how multi-tasking doesn’t work but this was a very good day. This is the kind of multitasking that works. Thanks Western for allowing dogs at work. And thanks Cheddar for being such a very good office dog.

Curly haired forest selfie.
Cheddar on the trail.
Cheddar sits while I answer my phone.
Bridge over the river, with geese and ducks.
Cheddar on the bridge.
It’s a no bikes trail so easier to walk with Cheddar.
After a couple of hours at work, Cheddar says “Can we go home now?”
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