Another win for inclusive sport: Introducing Foxy Moxy Racing

Last week my friend Rachel started dropping hints about a new and exciting venture she was cooking up. Finally, the announcement about her new cycling team, Foxy Moxy Racing, came on social media.

I have followed the development of Rachel’s incredible career as an elite competitive cyclist for some time now. She trains hard and, as any cyclist must, has an amazing capacity for suffering! And she wins. But she has also had to endure challenges to her right to compete and an astonishing lack of support from her former team. Now Rachel is Foxy Moxy’s captain.

We are big on inclusivity in fitness and sport on this blog. And Foxy Moxy Racing, with its commitment to “radically promoting trans and gender non-conforming inclusion in sport, through positive and unapologetic visibility in competitive cycling” is a revolutionary team that deserves attention and support.

To read more about the team, you can visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter (@FoxyMoxyRacing) or on Instagram.

You can also help the team out with financial support if you so choose by going to their paypal account.

Rachel has promised to write a blog post later in the season updating us on the team and their adventures!

They are looking to sign new members:

We welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to race under the banner of gender inclusivity, regardless of their own gender identity or expression. We value the wide range of identities, bodies, and ways of being, and we promote the full inclusion of all who wish to compete. We also seek to educate the public on the value of inclusive sport, and to continue dialogue on fair and transparent policies.

Good luck to Rachel and her new team. Not only are they creating a new opportunity for trans and gender non-conforming cyclists, but they’re also committing to advocacy and education.

“The future is foxy!”


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