What do you do with your “everyone gets a medal” medals?

Some people, it turns out (hi Anita!), have a strict medal protocol. They bite them for photos, though I’m not sure why. They wear them the day of the race, after it’s over. And then they save and display them. They take joy in their medals.

Not me. While I’m a fan of “everyone gets a medal” medals, personally I’m not much attached to them. I let them hang off the door knobs of my closet and then after a bit, I throw them away. I know, I know. Not environmentally friendly. But no one else wants them either. And that’s the problem.

Ditto race water bottles. I use them though not usually on my bike. I’m fussy about bottles. Ditto race t-shirts. I’ve got enough pj t-shirts and camping t-shirts and backyard gardening t shirts to last the rest of my days. I also see enough of them in thrift stores to know that others feel the same way. One notable exception: This year’s race t shirt for Kincardine. Red, technical fabric, running tank. That I’ll keep.

So while I’m in favour of races in which everyone gets a medal, personally I don’t want them. To use Marie Kondo‘s words, they don’t spark joy in my life.

So here’s my question for you, readers of our blog: Do you keep participation medals, completers’ medals? How about actual winning medals? Either, both, or neither? Why? Also bonus points (sorry this university professor is planning nest year’s courses and setting assignments), what do you do with the stuff if you keep it?

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