Pride, Bike Rally training, and counting all the steps: My weekend in images


Here’s me. Full of energy and enthusiasm for Toronto Pride! I can’t stay overnight but I can take the super early bus to the big city. Leave at 330 am and get in at 630 am and stop at all the places along the way! Great idea, right? Never again. Yawn!


First thing that I’d planned but didn’t happen was the Pride Run. See Training for the Pride Run. Next year I go in the day before and get a good’s night sleep. Future self, I promise you, I will. But still I marched in the Dyke March and wandered around Pride and bought a hot pink kilt (photos to follow) and went to a party (hosted by one of my bike rally team members and her partner) and look at all these steps! (Not even complete since my phone died mid-afternoon.)


Here’s me, ready for Pride!


For no good reason, other than that he’s so happy and I’m so proud, here’s our Prime Minister marching at Toronto Pride. Susan and I wanted him to do the Pride Run. She even started a petition to persuade him but no luck.

Lots of us were happy at how happy Justin Trudeau looked at Pride. But back to my weekend!

Sunday, I got a lot of steps but they were mostly on my bike. I rode 95 km all told. It was training ride for the bike rally for some of us and training ride for the RAGBRAI for others. Hi David!


You can look at our ride on Strava. The first 75 km at least. There was some QOM-battling going on! I got this one, that is until Sarah uploaded her file. Grrr.


I do know who you are Sarah! I will steal back my QOM.


Yes there were some hills and some wind but there was also LUNCH!


Sunday night Cheddar and I went to the dog park. He frolicked and napped in the wood chips. I didn’t join him but I wish I could have! Night night.
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