Training for the Pride Run 5 km

I don’t typically make big resolutions at this time of year. As a professor it never feels like the start of the year anyway. It’s smack dab in the middle, between fall and winter terms. But I do find myself reflecting a bit and planning out the year ahead.

For example, I’ve got Saturday July 2, 2016 marked in my calendar. It’s the Pride and Remembrance Run in Toronto. Last year I did the 3 km walk option with my daughter Mallory, ran a little bit with my friend Susan, and spent time with Alice, Amy, and Emmy Lou in the park after. Stephanie was there too but she’s so fast she was just a  blur to us! Have I missed anyone?

Loved the race a lot. See this post to find out why. And I’m planning to do it again. I’ll likely do some local 5 kms before it, maybe, but this is the run I’m most excited about.

Running and I have a complicated relationship. I like to run. It’s easy to do when I travel. And I love running outdoors in the winter when I can’t ride my bike. But my knees aren’t big fans of running and I can’t run very much without injury. So I’m sticking with 5 km and maybe some short course duathons. I’d like to be able to tackle the sprint distance again but even that might be too much.

But the Pride Run? Yes, yes, yes. All of the yes. See you there!

Do you have a favourite race, one you like to do every year? Which one is it and why?

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