Congratulations, Caitlin! #bostonmarathon #fitandfeminist

Caitlin, post race (p.s. Caitlin, I hope you don’t mind that I cribbed this pic from your FB page).

I’m kind of on a Facebook fast from Monday to Friday but I broke it because I just had to find out how Caitlin from Fit and Feminist did in her first Boston Marathon.

The answer: 3:44:38.


Why, you wonder, would I be interested in a random person’s Boston Marathon debut when over 30,000 people officially ran the race?

Caitlin is not just some random person. As I said to Sam, she’s our younger, faster sister feminist fitness blogger. And if you’ve been following her blog for awhile, as I have, it’s been amazing to watch her develop as an endurance athlete through consistent training and effort.

Every year she’s challenged herself a little bit more, pushed a little harder, done something she’s never done–half marathon, marathon, the Keys 50 mile ultra, BQ, all sorts of triathlons, master’s swim meet…And the realization that she’s actually fast.

Caitlin didn’t always run marathons in under 4 hours. She started off at 4:49 (which, I’ll add, is a time I would aspire to if I ever thought I’d do a marathon again, but I will not). You can catch up on the details on her blog. Because besides being an inspiring athlete, she’s a fantastic writer.

So today, I just want to say “Congratulations, Caitlin!” Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is, in itself, something awesome. And finishing with your second best marathon time ever…wow.

And did you know that you beat ultra-runner Scott Jurek?  According to this article about celebrities in the 2016 Boston Marathon, he finished in 4:09:27 (and he set the Appalachian Trail thru-hike speed record last year).

Kudos to you Caitlin. Looking forward to the race report! And to your next adventure.



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