Want to ride bikes with us for a day? You know you do….

Here’s your chance to ride with some of the Fit is a Feminist Issue bloggers. We’re Switchin’ Gears. That’s our Friends for Life Bike Rally Team name. Susan and I are the team co-leads.

You can meet a bunch of the bloggers from Fit is a Feminist Issue. Not just Susan and me…

There’s also Nat and Cate and Catherine and Sarah…

We’re hoping to lure more of you–other guest bloggers, commentators, and readers–on to our team for the 1 day version of the rally. If you’ve never done a metric century before this could be a great summer distance goal. In terms of goal setting, it’s also at the end of July so that gives you lots of time to train. There’s a lovely lunch break, dinner, and a dip in the lake at the end. I loved the mass start and police escort out of Toronto.

As Susan put it on Facebook, “Do you want to participate but can’t commit to the whole enchilada? Try a sixth of an enchilada and do the one day ride (120 km and a whole lotta fun times) The fundraising minimum there is $650. That isn’t too bad.” (There’s a lot of help and advice with the fundraising.)

Here’s the official info:

Inaugural One-Day Ride
Sunday July 24, 2016

Participants will be invited to register for this amazing experience and get a taste of what the Bike Rally is all about. This fully supported event welcomes Participants of all ages and skill levels to share their passion for cycling while supporting their friends, family, and neighbours living with HIV/AIDS.

Registration for the One-Day Ride has begun and includes payment of a non-refundable fee of $40 until the Bike Rally Official Launch party (Jan/Feb – TBD) and $50 after that.


  • The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS by raising critical funds for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation
  • Fully supported day of cycling (road support, return transportation, organized meal and snack breaks)
  • Training (bike skills and maintenance, fundraising, nutrition)
  • Return transportation from Port Hope
  • Regular social events year-round. It’s called the Friends For Life Bike Rally for a reason!


  • You will have transformative impact on the lives to people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Cycle in safety with your friends, new and old, and family while being cheered on by supporters along the way.
  • Learn all the nutritional and technical skills and tricks to cycle at peak performance…and it never hurts to know how to change a flat tire!
  • After an exhilarating day of cycling and an amazing arrival experience, we will bring you back to Toronto in the comfort of an air conditioned coach.
  • There is no doubt that you will make friends!
  • What else would you do with family and friends on a Sunday in July?

Upon registration:

Interested? It’ll be a super fun day.

Find out more here.

Join now and you’re in time for our second team social. Details on registration!

If you decide to join up, let us know in the comments…

If you’ve got any questions, ask away…


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