Ride the bike rally with the feminist fitness bloggers?

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile you likely know that I’ve been riding the Toronto to Montreal Bike Rally to raise money for the Toronto People with Aids Foundation.

“Every July for the past 17 years more than 300 Riders and Crew have been departing from Toronto on a 6-day, 600 km journey to Montréal for PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally. This annual fundraising event has raised more than $14 million dollars and is the sustaining fundraiser for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). The funds raised through the Bike Rally enable PWA to provide critical services and support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto.”

Year 1 was me and my friend David.

Year 2 was me and my friend Susan.

Year 3 will be me and David and Susan and Nat and Catherine and Sarah (fingers crossed). Lots of feminist fitness bloggers!

Want to ride with us? The good news is that you don’t have to commit to the entire 6 day ride. This year there is a one day option. Find out more here. You can ride the inaugural 1-Day, 108 km pilot Ride from Toronto to Port Hope.

Just 108 km! July 24, 2016.

Or you could just sponsor me instead. You can do that here,


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