Exercise bookends: Love letter to Sunday hot yoga

I’ve written before about why I exercise on Mondays. Usually I start the week with some combo of running, weight lifting, and Aikido.

So I bookend the start of the week with those things. But I like a different sort of bookend at the end of the week, hot yoga. I aim for the Sunday night class, 8-9 pm, at a little yoga studio just a few blocks from my house.

I can walk over there, bend and stretch in the steamy hot yoga room, walk home, and call it a night. (Tonight also involved the last ever episode of Downton Abbey with my mother, green tea, some laundry, a bath, and this blog post.)

I’m a bit of a weekend warrior when it comes to exercise and I hate stretching so Sunday night yoga helps set all that to right. Especially in the Canadian winter this stiff, non-flexible, muscular person loves the hot yoga room. When it goes well and yoga girl doesn’t ruin my chill it’s also a terrific way to find some quiet and some peace on a Sunday. Namaste, friends.


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