My holiday run streak complete!

During the holidays I decided to do a holiday running streak.

What was the plan?

“The run streak is designed to keep you running through the holiday season, and to bridge the gap between fall races and training for the spring. It can be difficult this time of the year to keep your running on track—but it’s much easier if you have a goal and a plan.

The goal is simple: Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 26) and ending on New Year’s Day (Friday, January 1). That’s 37 consecutive days of running.”

Read more about it here: I might try streaking

In the end I didn’t run every day. I missed 6 of the 37 days all told. On those days I’d ridden my bike more than 50 km or I was sick, I didn’t ride. I figured missing those days was a reasonable thing. But missing one day here and there didn’t ruin my enthusiasm for the streak.

Why bother which small amounts of running? See Running small amounts has big benefits.

What happened?

What next? I’m going to go back to running three times a week, I think. And back to the old pattern, two short runs on weekdays and a longer run on the weekends. I’m hoping the streak has worn down my resistance to getting out the door though. Pride Run and Kincardine Duathlon (registered!) here I come…

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