Warrior Dashing tomorrow, wish me luck!

I’m not quite sure how I got talked into this though knowing myself I suspect no talking was involved. I’m not much of a runner but races always sound fun to me.

But friends did it last year, I saw their photos, and it looked fun. Pick me, I said. Please, can I come along next year? And they said yes.

What’s the Warrior Dash? A mud run obstacle race. It warns you that swimming might be involved and that you should wear old running shoes.

The loot sounds fun though I’ll give my beer away.

What do I get?

“One complimentary beer provided by Warrior Dash

Fuzzy Warrior helmet

Bad-ass Warrior Dash t-shirt

Custom Warrior Dash finisher medal

Live music

Post-race water

Warrior Dash race bib

The pride that comes along with being a Warrior”

Tracy would approve of everyone getting a medal.

The Warrior Dash is part of a trend to adventure races, rather than regular running. I blogged a bit about that here asking if the days of the vanilla 5 km are over.

If the heat wave doesn’t break though, it will be the Warrior Dawdle!

I’ll be sure to post a pic of me in my fuzzy Warrior helmet.

Have you done one of these adventure style races with obstacles? What did you think? Any advice?

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