Bike commuting just got better, thanks Western!

This is exciting news for me: Workplace showers!

It’s not an issue during the summer months, oddly enough, mostly because if I’m at work after riding I’m there alone. I’m not teaching and have lots of comfy, casual clothes and flip flops to wear about my office.

The teaching year is a different matter. I like to dress up a bit for teaching. I wear dresses and nice shoes. And I get that fans of European style commuting would just wear those clothes for the ride in. And some days, like today, I do just that. I wear a nice dress with bike shorts underneath and then spd sandals for riding. It worked well for today. It was about 20 C.

The problem with autumn in Ontario is that you get some really hot and sticky days. Last Monday one of us just about got heatstroke on our Port Stanley ride. So while it’s fall in terms of teaching, it still feels like beach weather lots of days.

So I’m excited about the following news!

For those faculty, staff, and postdocs who commute to campus on a bicycle, or like to get out at lunch for a jog, Living Well @ Western has arranged for day use lockers and showers to be available in the Thames Hall men’s and women’s locker rooms.

  • Locker room are located in the basement of Thames Hall
  • Doors to the locker rooms are generally open, but it is advised that those interested in using the locker rooms on a regular basis arrange to be granted key card access
    • To arrange key card access, email and provide your staff ID number (required to grant access)
  • Day use lockers are marked with stickers
    • Women’s: Lockers 101 to 156
    • Men’s: Lockers 305 to 348

For more information, contact:

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