Spin Cycle: Armstrong, Doping, and the Lies He Told

Written by Sam B, for Western’s university newspaper, Western News.  It’s in the Jan 24, 2013 issue. And damn, I wish they’d used my cycling helmet photo! But they do have a great graphic to go with the story. Flashy, bright yellow (of course) and worth looking at.

“As a philosopher whose main area of research is ethics, and as a cyclist, I’m saddened, angered, and intellectually puzzled by Lance Armstrong’s behaviour and recent confession. Like many people I’ve followed his career closely. It’s a compelling saga, triathlete turned Tour de France champion seven times over, with a life threatening battle with cancer along the way. In the past, I believed Lance Armstrong when he said he was clean, when time after time he denied accusations of doping, and when he said he was the victim of overzealous investigating by cycling officials.

But what now? Now that he’s confessed, how should we feel about Armstrong’s record including his use of banned performance enhancing drugs? Let’s set my personal sense of betrayal aside and consider the ethics involved…”

You can read the rest on their website here.

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