Working out twice a day: Why?

Here’s what my week in physical fitness activities looks like, this week at least:

Monday: Crossfit (am) and Aikido (pm)

Tuesday: Rowing (pm)

Wednesday: Crossfit (am) and Aikido (pm)

Thursday: Crossfit (am) and Rowing (pm)

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Aikido

Sunday: Rowing (am) and Soccer (pm)

I also jog with my dog a few times a week, when I’m bored I fling my kettlebell around at home, and I do some stretching about the house and do shoulder rehab physio exercises as part of my regular routine. Sometimes, weather depending, I ride my bike.

This week is unusual because of its lack of cycling. But winter seems underway, a friend has borrowed my track bike, and I’m not quite ready to face the indoor rollers just yet. For now, rowing and some running will do.

Looking at the schedule you might notice that several days a week, I work out twice. I love working out twice a day. Here’s some of the reasons why:

First, I like short, sharp, focused workouts. Crossfit workouts can be incredibly demanding but I like that they never last that long. By the evening, I’m ready to tackle the challenge of Aikido which is much less physically demanding but takes a lot of memory, attention, and concentration.

Second, there are lots of different physical activities I love to do and working out twice a day allows me to fit more into an already packed schedule.

Third, I find have higher energy levels during the day when I do this. I feel like I approach the day running, though I also do go to bed pretty early. I’ll post about sleep another time.

How often do you workout?

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