The Aikido, Rowing, CrossFit triathlon?

So an attentive reader might have noticed that I’m doing three physically active things regularly: Aikido three times a week,
Rowing three times a week, and Cross Fit three times a week. Occasional bursts of soccer, bike riding and dog jogging have occurred.

Now Tracy and I (along with a friend and my daughter) are  committed to doing a try-a-tri distance triathlon in the middle of the summer, the Kincardine Women’s Triathlon and from my schedule you might have thought it was Aikido, Row, and Fran (a tough CrossFit workout).  And while there are quite a few unique triathlons  the one we’ve signed up for is your standard issue: swim, bike, run. From most deathly to least deathly activities…

Clearly, one month out, it’s time to ramp up the biking, running, and swimming!

In light of that looming mid July deadline I’ve revised my schedule as follows, once I return from this round of conference travel:

Monday: CrossFit AM, Aikido PM
Tuesday: Swim AM, Rowing PM
Wednesday: CrossFit AM, Aikido PM
Thursday: Swim AM, Rowing PM
Friday: CrossFit AM, Bike ride PM
Saturday: Swim, Bike, Run
Sunday: Row AM, Soccer PM

I’m the least worried about my cycling. It’s a short distance, 12 km, I think, and I know the course. I’m also riding some recreationally. I commute by bike lots. And I’m a strong cyclist. But I want more time on the bike anyway to get ready for some other summer events.

Running is covered in a way by all the CrossFit running and soccer along with dog jogging. No doubt I can run 3 km. I just need to get faster and be able to do it after swimming and biking. Saturday is my brick day when I’ll practice biking after swimming and running after biking.

It’s swimming I’m actually nervous about. I need to make a wet suit decision and practice in it. And though it’s a short distance I want to be completely comfortable that I can finish it without resting. You can read about my past triathlon challenges here.

This time I also want to practice the transitions and get used to swimming in a wet suit. You can read about Fit and Feminist learning to swim in a wetsuit in open water here.

Any other advice? We all have our weak spots. Tracy’s is cycling, mine is swimming, and Mallory’s is running.  Here’s me on the right, below, the last time I did this event.

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