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Making Space: Day 10

Hello Team!

I hope this Friday finds you with some fun, some rest, and some play ahead of you.

And whether you do these videos or find another way to make some space for yourself, I wish you ease.

Here’s your gold star for your efforts ⭐️

And here are today’s videos:

I enjoyed this ‘Jumpstart Cardio’ video from the Fitness Blender YouTube channel and I especially appreciated the modification for the jumping jacks. The still image shows the instructor seated cross-legged on a yoga mat with her large sleeping dog beside her.

While I did this video last night, Khalee followed instructor’s dog’s lead:

A medium sized light haired dog rests on a bed.
Khalee is wondering why I didn’t lie down, too. Image description: Khalee, a medium sized, light-haired dog is resting while stretched on on my bed. My bedspread has a grey and green pattern again s a black background.

Khalee also approved of my meditation choice even though there was a severe lack of dogs in the video.

A 3 minute meditation video from the Rosalie Yoga YouTube channel. Still image shows a person sitting back on the camera at the edge of a pool. They are sitting cross-legged and they have their hands together up over their head.