Sports Bras, AGAIN

Sports bras. We’ve blogged about them a few times already. Way back in the early days, still among our most popular posts (because “nipple,” don’t you know), Sam posted “Padded sports bras and nipple phobia.” She hates padding in general, and hates the reason for it (nipple phobia) even more. Then I jumped into it,… Continue reading Sports Bras, AGAIN

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What’s wrong with sports bras? One more time. ..

1. They are padded and some of us don’t like that. (Well, me at least.) See Padded sports bras and nipple phobia. So let me be very specific here, what I loathe isn’t the existence of padded sports bras, it’s their ubiquity. It’s their domination of the sports bra market. Try finding a non padded… Continue reading What’s wrong with sports bras? One more time. ..

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Padded sports bras and nipple phobia

I know this is a controversial issue among women who run because the minute I whine about the problem of padded sports bras, friends leap to their defense. So I see that other people love them. I, however, do not. I get that tastes can vary. I don’t like padded anything really. (Bike shorts might… Continue reading Padded sports bras and nipple phobia

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My latest sports bra

I was so sad in September when my 5 year old high impact bra suffered a catastrophic failure during a soccer match. I loved that bra. It contained and supported my bust in this lovely engineered unpadded bra. It was so lovely I save it only for running and soccer. Goodbye Old Faithful. Cycling I… Continue reading My latest sports bra

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Success on the bra front: Oiselle bras reviewed

Since Tracy and I have both blogged about sports bras challenges, I thought I’d say a few kind words about two bras I actually like. They won’t be everyone’s first choice, sizing is somewhat limited and they aren’t cheap, but they work for me. I’m a size 14, B cup, who wants support without padding… Continue reading Success on the bra front: Oiselle bras reviewed

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The Sports Bra Dilemma

Lately I’ve been looking for something very specific in a sports bra: something that fits comfortably without chafing, provides adequate support, and dries quickly.  I have been fortunate in the first two categories, probably because I’m not all that busty anyway.  I find the under armor sports bras I’ve been wearing are just about right… Continue reading The Sports Bra Dilemma


Top Tens of 2018: Part 1

Top Ten of 2018 : Our most viewed posts of the year  It’s not that different than the Top Ten Posts of 2017 which is why I decided to do a separate post, Part 2: Top 10 posts of 2018 from 2018. Crotch shots, upskirts, sports reporting, and the objectification of female athletes’ bodies CrossFit… Continue reading Top Tens of 2018: Part 1

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Again?! Women at Rowan University are Serena’d

This article in Odyssey about how women runners at Rowan University were forbidden from running in only their sports bras seems like it should be a spoof in The Onion. It’s real. The university’s response was half-hearted, though ultimately the no-sports-bras-in-practice policy will be rescinded. How much longer will we be having these conversations? After… Continue reading Again?! Women at Rowan University are Serena’d

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Gym dress codes…again

A couple of years ago Sam had a change of heart about gym dress codes at the University gym. In “Sam changes her mind about gyms and dress codes,” she explained how she initially thought that if the dress code is gender neutral and gender neutrally applied (e.g. everyone has to wear proper footwear or… Continue reading Gym dress codes…again

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Starting my feminist fitness journey: Early days of couch to 5K (Guest post)

Hello fellow feminist fitness folks, this is my first guest post and I’m feeling a bit nervous about it but also excited to share my thoughts and experiences in this space as I embark on my own feminist fitness journey. I stopped going to the gym gradually over the last year (not that I was… Continue reading Starting my feminist fitness journey: Early days of couch to 5K (Guest post)