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Guaranteed fun: Irish dance class in Galway

I just got back from a long-awaited photography tour of Ireland for a couple of weeks and there were so many memorable moments with new friends and beautiful places. But one stand-out experience that delivered an unexpected blast of sheer joy for all concerned was an Irish dance class in Galway, taught by Siobhan, who… Continue reading Guaranteed fun: Irish dance class in Galway

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Catherine’s spontaneous backyard dance party weekend

This weekend in New England, fall is letting us know it’s here. But it’s doing so gently and nicely. We’re enjoying blue skies and autumn sun and delightful daytime temps (low-mid 70s/22–24C), with sweater and jacket temps at night. Friday evening I went to a bookclub backyard birthday party for my friend Lisa. There was… Continue reading Catherine’s spontaneous backyard dance party weekend

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Dancing Alone

I am interested in how dancing connects us with others, such as when dark dancing provided a community for dancers during the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, dancing with others can also inhibit us, especially when we fear that others see us as bad dancers out on the dance floor. Today,… Continue reading Dancing Alone


Quick Hit Dance Workouts to Keep You Awake

Do you ever have the kind of day where working from home seems to put you to sleep? The home office set-up isn’t great so you have migrated to the comfy couch. You have no physical meetings to attend, so you just sink deeper and deeper into the upholstery. No-one ever seems to schedule breaks… Continue reading Quick Hit Dance Workouts to Keep You Awake


Dealing with Injury

I have been an adult ballet dancer for almost 19 years; I have avoided injuries and never missed a class except for travel. That ended abruptly two weeks ago when I did something to the muscles in my lower back and hip. Luckily, it was just before a week-long break at the dance school, so… Continue reading Dealing with Injury

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Moving back into the world but who are we leaving behind?

Today I posted on Twitter. And then Pandemic Dark Dance posted to Facebook, “Tomorrow Night… Hopefully the last online Pandemidarkdance for a long while. I fully expect all 600-some members to login for it. We can’t take 600 requests, but we can take a few. You got any? Next Thursday (17th) we’ll be back in… Continue reading Moving back into the world but who are we leaving behind?


Can You Be Too Flexible?

Flexibility is something that most athletes aspire to, but until recently I never thought about there being a problem with it. After all, I spend a fair bit of time stretching and trying to increase my mobility; most of my athletic friends do the same. My daughter, however, struggles with hyper-mobility. According to the Hypermobility… Continue reading Can You Be Too Flexible?


Ballet and My Brain

As my summer dance classes come to an end, I am reflecting on why I dance. It’s certainly not because I’m any good at it! And while dancers generally love to perform in public, as an adult student, I don’t perform in shows. It isn’t even because ballet gives me flexibility. It’s the exact opposite,… Continue reading Ballet and My Brain

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Making Space 2022: Day 30

Before you read this post, I dare you to make some space in your body by: Okay, now that you have a little extra space in your body, let’s get back to making a little extra space in your future for you. What can you put in place now (or at least soon) that will… Continue reading Making Space 2022: Day 30



A recent CTV article was very excited about a new Disney short called Reflect, about a young ballet dancer named Bianca, and its body positivity message. As the resident fat ballerina on this blog, I had to watch it. Hilary Bradfield, the creator, says “I feel like I’m a body positive person in principle, but… Continue reading Reflect