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On Being Ground to a Halt (Guest Post)

By Alison Conway In this month’s lead up to the Olympic Games, various American track athletes have been posting about the injuries that prevented them appearing at the trials (June 18-27) where they might have qualified for a spot on the US Team. The heartbreak is palpable: “I live in an optimistic world,” writes Emily… Continue reading On Being Ground to a Halt (Guest Post)

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On Running My First Marathon (Guest Post by Alison Conway)

by Alison Conway [Note from Tracy: Alison sent me this in April and her race was a few weeks ago. Congrats, Alison!] Eighteen months ago, Donald Trump became president of the United States and I wrote here about my determination to limit my running time so that I could devote more energy to politics. Most… Continue reading On Running My First Marathon (Guest Post by Alison Conway)

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Top posts in January, #icymi

I watched Brittany Runs a marathon, regretted it, wrote about it, and then Yoni Feedhoff shared it. Nearly 3000 views later, it’s the most read post of January. 2. Cate is still menstruating. 3. I asked if you could watch The Biggest Loser ironically. My answer is no. Former Biggest Loser contestant Kai Hibbard shared… Continue reading Top posts in January, #icymi

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The Women Runners of Kelowna (Guest Post)

by Alison Conway Malindi Elmore, from my home town, smashed the Canadian women’s marathon record on Sunday, running a blistering 2:24:50. Canadian Running observed that it has been a spectacular year for Canadian women runners. Twenty records have fallen over the past thirteen months. In Houston, as Malindi was crushing the marathon, Natasha Wodak became… Continue reading The Women Runners of Kelowna (Guest Post)


Yann Moix can kiss my ass, but he’ll have to catch me first (guest post)

By Alison Conway The French author Yann Moix made waves when, in a recent interview with Marie Claire, he announced his sexual preference for young women. “The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary,” he said, “The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.” The response was swift and ferocious. French… Continue reading Yann Moix can kiss my ass, but he’ll have to catch me first (guest post)

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On Not Qualifying for Boston, After All

By Alison Conway The imposter syndrome many women suffer pops up in the news occasionally, when a successful CEO describes her fears of being exposed as a fraud, ill-qualified for her job and not good enough to stay at the board room table. It’s a sad story, since the women who seem to suffer most… Continue reading On Not Qualifying for Boston, After All

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Running and the ties that bind (guest post)

by Alison Conway Haruki Murakami is a contemporary novelist, famous for his blending of America crime noir conventions and Japanese culture. My first Murakami read was The WindUp Bird Chronicle, which I highly recommend for anyone interested detective fiction and/or the legacy of WW II in Japan. But the work by Murakami that captured my… Continue reading Running and the ties that bind (guest post)


Lacing up for other women (Guest Post)

by Alison Conway Last weekend, I finished my longest run to date: North America’s oldest road race, Around the Bay, in Hamilton, Ontario.  At 30 km (18.6 miles) it is not a marathon, but it has its own torments—winds off Lake Ontario and rolling hills on the back 10 km. “Rolling” makes the hills sound… Continue reading Lacing up for other women (Guest Post)


Why I won’t be running a marathon anytime soon (guest post)

by Alison Conway I took up running after a hiatus of almost thirty years when I turned 50 in 2015. In my early twenties I suffered bad knees and the physio who treated them directed me to the pool. Three decades later I thought I’d try a 5 km running clinic and see how the… Continue reading Why I won’t be running a marathon anytime soon (guest post)


In Praise of Discomfort (Guest Post)

By Alison Conway At my first triathlon last summer, my partner took a picture of me in the water and the image speaks many words. I’m standing apart from the other women, who look relaxed chatting with each other as they await the start gun; I’m holding my hands awkwardly out of the lake as… Continue reading In Praise of Discomfort (Guest Post)