Ran Today

I ran today. After a week of a minor cold, each stretch without a cough or an ache is appreciated.

I ran today. The most humble brag of humble brags. So trifling a thought in a heavy world.

I ran today. I won’t let go of the importance it is to me. To be strong enough to move my feet forward. Never taken for granted.

I ran today. The sun shone. The air was cool. The world moves about, even on a quiet Sunday morning.

I ran today. I listened to a story of an ancient world through my ear buds. Then I sang along to a young songstress.

I ran today. I reminded myself to state my mantras. I reminded myself to encourage myself.

I ran today. I allowed myself to care that I passed a test.

I ran today. I considered next steps and whether I may advance. Whether it matters. It matters to try.

I ran today. I appreciate having the option of doing so, outside, after a week, of missing the gym and the weights.

I ran today. I pushed aside my guilt for being able to do so, on a sun shiny day, with illness surrounding me, with a world seeping with tears.

I ran today. I considered questions and answers and answers that others are sure of that are not so sure to me.

I ran today. I wished for peace. For all.

I ran today. I honoured the way it strengthens me so that I can be present for others.

I ran today.

Nicole P. appreciated her run today (and every day).

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