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To Listen

The Girls Gone Gravel Podcast

This is a special guest episode with All Bodies on Bikes with Ellen Noble

“Ellen Noble is a retired professional cyclist living in Western Massachusetts with her boyfriend, Adin, and our dog, Winnie. Since her retirement, she has filled her life with many odd jobs — the best of them being bike race announcing and commentating. Ellen recently launched a podcast called This One’s For You, to share inspirational and encouraging stories about triumph and resilience. We’d love it if you gave it a listen!”

To Read

Everyday exercise matters

“If anyone asked if I get enough exercise, my answer would be unequivocal: Yes, I make a point of carving out time to sweat, get my heart pumping and move around.I probably would not mention that I prefer to drive the half mile to pick up my coffee instead of taking a 15-minute walk. Or that using the drive thru sounds infinitely more appealing than actually getting out of my car. Or that you’d rarely spot me choosing to trudge up the stairs at the end of the day.None of these shortcuts on their own feel like that a big deal. After all, I worked out today, right? But added up these are slowly sapping a sometimes overlooked source of metabolic health.It’s a concept that goes by the name non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT, for short.”

See There’s a way to get healthier without even going to a gym. It’s called NEAT from NPR.

To Watch

“Get ready for a thrilling journey as we take you behind the scenes of the long-awaited return of the women’s Tour de France in 2022. Witness the advances and setbacks that led to a historic moment in women’s cycling. The film takes you on a wild ride of bravery, connection, and adrenaline-fuelled exhilaration. You’re steered by Emily Chappell, who stirs compassion as she skilfully narrates. Former competitors such as Denise Kelly and Marilyn Trout (former pro cyclists for Team Canada), Maria Canins (two-time winner of the Tour de France Femmes for Team Italy), plus CANYON//SRAM Racing’s Elise Chabbey, Kasia Nieuwiadoma, Pauliena Rooijakkers, and Ronny Lauke all weave a thought-provoking storyline together. As the title suggests, Out in Front is about riders who have the strength and courage to break away from convention. This is encapsulated in CANYON//SRAM Racing’s success in the 2022 Tour de France Femme (where they topped the Teams Classification, and placed Kasia Nieuwiadoma 3rd on the overall podium in the process) and through the recollections of Kelly, Trout and Canins as they look back on their experiences of women’s cycling in the 1980s. It becomes clear that ‘where women belong’ in cycling has changed for good. The 2022 Tour de France Femmes was the first official race after a hiatus of more than 30 years, marking a seminal moment for gender equality in cycling. In the creation of this film, as well as in sponsoring female teams, ambassadors, and a host of initiatives to inspire women to jump on the saddle, we are explicitly committing to long-term investment in women’s cycling. This way, the ongoing efforts of female athletes both on and off the bike, are acknowledged, promoted, and celebrated, showing the younger generation of women that there’s a place for them in cycling.”

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