Summer water sports unusual Q&A (reblog)

Text saying "rather swim in jello or peanut butter?

I love summer water sports: swimming, paddling, snorkeling (when I can get it), playing in water (in organized fashion or not), you name it. But it’s important to be prepared and informed about safety, cost, and other issues, especially when embarking on some new twist on an old favorite.

For instance, I spent some time looking up how to rig a kayak with glow-in-the-dark lights after reading Elan’s recent post, Night Kayaking in Costumes. After doing some online research, I think I’ll just rent a kayak (maybe with some of the bloggers and assorted friends) when I’m in Ontario in August. You can read about it here, and I will certainly be reporting about it here on the blog.

In 2021 I wrote about swimming pool questions and answers from a Quora discussion. Take a look, and see if the information addresses little worries or gaps you might have had. Have a good summer Sunday, and see you all next week.


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