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Spring(ish) Walks for Christine and Khalee

You may not have realized it but Thursday, March 30 was a big day.

What was so big about it?

It was the first day since last Fall that I could wear sneakers on my daily walk with Khalee.

A top down view of my legs in black leggings and my feet in pink sneakers standing on the road.
Photo evidence! Well, evidence is a strong work, it probably wouldn’t hold up in a court of law. It’s just a photo of my sneakers feet on the pavement, it doesn’t prove that I haven’t worn my sneakers on a walk in months but please cut me some slack here, Your Honour. Image description: a top down photo of my pink sneakers and black leggings as I stand on the salt-speckled asphalt street. The sun is behind me to the right so legs are caring a shadow toward the upper left of the image. The angle of the sun is creating one big shadow out of both of legs so, shadow-wise, it looks like I was hopping on my one giant leg.

And it was one of the first days I could just wear regular pants on my walk instead of adding an extra layer.

It still isn’t *warm* here, only a few degrees below zero but those few degrees make a huge difference for me.

Being able to just throw on a jacket (hat and gloves, too, of course) and put on my sneakers feels way smoother and quicker than adding another pair of pants and lacing up my boots.

It reduces the friction for getting out through the door, it feels like I could drop everything and head out at any time.

(I can always do that, of course, but now it actually *feels* that way, too.)

It just feels EASIER to get out there.

And Khalee is much less impatient with me in the porch. She simply cannot believe how long it takes me to get ready sometimes. (Humans are very weird, apparently.)

A light haired medium sized dog stands on a road looking back toward the camera. There are snowbanks in the background.
Speaking of me being weird, Khalee also can’t believe that I would waste valuable snow-sniffing time by stopping to take her picture. Image description: a n outdoor photo of Khalee, a light-haired, medium-sized dog, is on a neon yellow leash and black/aqua harness. She is standing on the side of the road with snowbanks to her right and she is looking back toward the camera. My shadow, the shadow of the leash and the dog-walking paraphernalia can be seen on the left side of the photo.

So, it’s still cold.

We still have lots of snow.

A selfie of a woman with a large snowbank behind her
This isn’t my house in the background and not every lawn has this much snow right now but still, there’s a lot of snow around. Image description: a smirky selfie with a snowbank so high that only the peaked roof of the house is visible behind the snow. I am wearing a green winter hat, my oversized cats-eye glasses, and a green coat. My light brown hair is sticking out from under my hat to rest on my shoulder.

But I am feeling Springish because the sun has been out a lot lately and I can wear my sneakers on my walks.

Sure, it’s not green grass, crocuses, and birdsong but life is easier when I adjust my expectations to my reality, right?

An outdoor selfie of a woman and a dog, the dog is sniffing the woman’s face.
Soon, soon, Khalee and I will be able to sit on these front steps enjoying a cup of tea…ok, I’ll be the only one with tea but we’ll both be out there. Image description: a selfie of me and Khalee on my front steps with part of my house and my door in the background. The sun is shining on us and I’m squinting and smiling as she sniffs my face.

Let us know what you think....