January is fired as the month to start new things. It’s all about February now! Join us…

Recently, okay very recently, like just yesterday, Catherine proclaimed that February is the new January. I think she’s done it before too. See here.

It’s a popular thought. There are even memes about it.

I’ve decided that 2023 will start on February 1. January is a free trial month.

Sometimes Catherine makes me smile and laugh because we’re opposites on some spectrums. She’s a night person. I’m an early morning person. She loves phone calls. You know that I do not. And yet often at the core of our disagreement is a more important kernel of agreement.

I’ve written here before about preferring early starts to the new year. I’m the author of December is the new January and I think in the past I’ve even argued for November new starts.

You see where Catherine and I agree is on the unsuitability of January for starting anything new. January feels like too many transitions. For me, it’s Christmas clean up, the big meeting of the American Philosophical Association, and the start of a new term. Blink and it’s February. (Confession: I still haven’t put my Christmas cards and wrap away, and some of the ornaments are still up.)

So I’m taking Catherine’s call seriously and deciding that for me the new year begins today, February 6th.

What’s new? What’s the plan?

Well, physio is ongoing. I see the physiotherapist in her clinic two evenings a week. I’m also doing personal training at the gym twice a week. And of course, I’m back to Zwifting. So there’s that.

But I keep saying I’ll try hot yoga at my new fancy gym and I haven’t been yet. It’s time. There’s hot yin yoga two evenings a week there, Mondays and Wednesdays.

They also have antigravity restorative yoga that sounds good.

I’d also like to try one of their spin classes. And possibility a kettlebell class.

Finally, when all the snow and ice is off the road I’d like to commute by bike again. It’s light now when I’m through work. I’m okay with cold and I think it’ll help my knee to have regular small bits of movement.

And also Cheddar is wanting more walks.

So my plan is to try out classes at the new gym, ride my bike outside, and walk Cheddar the dog, in addition to personal training, physio, and Zwift. I’m going to do that in February. February. Not March or April, but February.

I’ll report back in and let you know how that goes. I also see the surgeon in February to hear about plans for my right knee. Wish me luck! And thanks for the nudge Catherine. It’s never too late to begin.

April is the month I’ll sort my life out.

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