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Most Read Posts of 2022, Written in 2022, #ICYMI

Lots of our most read posts in 2022 were written in years past. Earlier today I posted a list of the most read posts. But I’m always curious about which posts written in 2022 were read the most. Here’s that list:

Is the soleus pushup the key to health? (Catherine)

Pain and the Human Playground (Sam)

No more ‘slut strands’? (Sam)

Style secrets for women over 50? (Catherine)

Not too late to start Yoga with Adriene’s January MOVE practice #YWA (Tracy)

Gracilis cramps: A new bad thing–yikes!!! (Sam)

What to do instead of extreme dieting to get into an old dress for 5 minutes on social media (Catherine)

Inclusive objectification anyone? (Tracy)

The Year of Tiny Pleasures (Diane)

Christine Sinclair and Women in Sport (Diane)

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