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Most Read Posts of 2022, #ICYMI

Our most read posts of the year, not necessarily written in 2022. The popularity of some early blog classics lives on.

The most popular post of the year was Cate was still menstruating (2018).

Keeping Fit While Healing from a Hysterectomy was our 2nd most read post, from Marjorie (2019).

The 3rd most read post in 2022 was Catherine’s post on soleus push ups.

Catherine’s Yoga poses I simply can’t do, and what I do instead was 4th.

The 5th most read post was Tracy’s on the many shapes athletic bodies can take.

Crotch shots, sports photography and the objectification of athletes bodies is an older blog post with words in the title that often get put into search engines. Sam’s nine year old post was our 6th most read post. (2013)

Sam’s mini review of Pain and the Human Playground was 7th.

Eighth was Nicole asking, My Metabolic Age is WHAT?? (2020).

Women, aging, and caring about your looks was the topic of the 9th most read post.

Sam wrote about slut strands and that was our 10th most read post in 2022. Enjoy!

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