Top Ten December 2022 Posts, #ICYMI

Sam’s review of Pain and the Human playground was the most read post in December.

Cate and menstruation in her 50s. Her post about it almost always makes the top 10 list. This month it’s the 2nd most read post.

The 3rd most read post in December is Marjorie’s post about recovering from hysterectomy.

The 4th most read post was Sam’s saga about using her phone in the sauna.

Catherine’s post about the latest research on almonds and appetite was the 5th most read post.

Almonds spilling out of a jar on a rough wooden surface. Unsplash.

Every December Carly’s guest post makes the top ten as new year’s looms. This year not my resolution; thoughts on January weight loss from a cheerful chubster (guest post) was the 6th most read post.

There are yoga poses Catherine can’t do and her blog post about what she does instead is the 7th most read post this month.

The 8th most read post was Tracy’s older one on the many shapes athletic bodies can take.

Mostly we’re not new year’s resolution folks here at the blog but my post on some challenges we like is our 9th most read post.

Woohoo, bring on the light is number 10.

It’s the positive potato
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