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Top Ten August 2022 Posts, #ICYMI

This list of most read posts will be familiar by now. Lol.

First, it’s Cate and menstruation in her 50s. Her post about it almost always makes the top 10 list. This month it’s the most read post.

Second, Marjorie’s guest post on keeping fit while healing from hysterectomy.

But the rest were (mostly) written this month!

Third, Sam reported on feminists having conflicting thoughts about Nicole Kidman’s biceps.

Fourth, Nearly half of British women don’t exercise? The Internet has thoughts (Bettina)

Fifth, Sam is checking in for August with all sorts of Big News

Sixth, Catherine’s 2022 Stop-Doing List

Seventh, Elan covers 10 years and 4 themes of FIFI

Eighth, Catherine considers pointless fitness goals.

Ninth, Catherine tried the sit-rise test.

Tenth (from 2020 and still going strong), My Metabolic Age is WHAT?? (Nicole)

the year legit went like jaaaaaannnnnnuary, febuaaaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyy, maaaaaaaaaaarchhhh, aprilmayjune, july, AUGUST.