Bike rally reflections: Fittest by fifty eight?

In a recent chat Tracy reminded me that the bike rally was my main fittest by fifty challenge. That’s along with getting stronger, thanks CrossFit, and trying something new, thanks rowing.

“Fittest by fifty”is the challenge that started the blog (now coming up on 10 years ago) and the book Fit at Midlife: A Feminist Fitness Journey.

Tracy said she was impressed that I could still do the thing that was my challenge as we approached the big 5-0.

After all, we’re both turning 58 this summer.

At first I kind of dismissed the praise. I’m a road cyclist, adding distance isn’t a big deal really. But then I recognized that dismissal of a thing I’d achieved as a thing lots of women do, and had second thoughts.

It is remarkable.

What’s remarkable is that through the pandemic and through the first few years of my very demanding job, I’d kept that distance up. It was a remarkable thing to do at 50 and it’s still remarkable that I can do it.

I can still do it because I kept doing it.

We did our big Newfoundland cycling adventure. We went riding in Florida twice and in Illinois once. We did the Simcoe County Loop Trail and lots of bits and pieces of the Guelph to Goderich trail.

When it wasn’t possible to ride outside on road bikes we played in the snow on our fat bikes and we Zwifted. So much Zwifting.

So against my instincts I’m not going to dismiss it. I’m going to say “Yay me.”

Thanks Tracy for the reminder.

Yay me
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