Oh, no! I forgot to schedule a birthday ride before knee surgery…

Yellow birthday cake

I know. We’ve ridden lots.

We rode our bikes to Montreal.

And then we Pedaled for Parkinson’s.

But a birthday ride is a kind of a tradition for me.

And if I am going to do it, I have to get my birthday ride in soon. My birthday is next Wednesday, the 31st, but I have knee replacement surgery Monday. We’re spending the weekend on the boat.

So maybe it’s a 58 km before work on Friday? (Off to check sunrise times…6:37 am, so that is doable.)

But the weather looks miserable…


Maybe I divide it up between Thursday and Friday morning, two 29 km rides? Zwift if it’s raining. This is feeling less celebratory though…

Now it’s my view that there are no rules for birthday rides so I could do it after my birthday but recovery from knee replacement takes awhile and I’m not sure when I’ll next be able to ride 58 km. It might be winter by then!

Suggestions welcome!

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