Halfway through 222 workouts in 2022: thoughts about pushing through and why

A road with a sign saying midpoint.

A bunch of the FIFI bloggers are in 222 workouts in 2022 FB groups. I’ve been doing this for several years now, and I’ve really enjoyed the support, workout ideas and role modeling my fellow members provide. Each year I’ve squeaked out my final workouts during Christmas vacation. Hey, just in time delivery is still delivery, right?

This is me, backing up the workout truck on December 31. It gets done, but not prettily.

I tell you, this year–2022– has been a tough one. For a number of reasons (some serious, others minor but persistent), it’s been hard to move consistently and very much. Summer is always a time of increased active fun for me, and I’ve enjoyed kayaking, cycling, swimming, dog walking, and yoga. It’s still August, so the party’s not over yet. I’m also on sabbatical this fall (YAY!), so I’ll be traveling and doing more activities (mainly cycling and kayaking, but I’m flexible) through the rest of the year.

Right. Even though as of today, I’m at 113 workouts (of 222), it’s possible to make it across that finish line, even if I have to enlist my family to do a micro-triathlon with me on December 31…

But should I push through? If so, why?

A week or so ago, I wrote a blog post about the idea of “pointless goals”, and applying them to fitness goals and physical practice. There’s nothing magical about 10,000 steps, running 26.2 miles or cycling 100 miles or swimming or meditating 365 days in a row, bench pressing your body weight (or twice that, or more), or any other physical activity goal we set. But, as one of the bloggers pointed out (thanks, Mina!), these goals may provide structure for helping us attain or maintain practices for our well-being. That makes a lot of sense to me.

I meditate every day and use the Ten Percent Happier App for guided meditations *and* to keep track of my current streak. When I miss a day (which happens occasionally), it resets me to day one. But then I get a little electronic phone confetti with days three, five, ten, and so on. So I get rewards for starting over even after I’ve lost my streak. I love the phone confetti.

Stop action shot of phone confetti celebrating my 700th session (which doesn’t require continuity– yay!)

The fact that I am now 109 workouts (whatever that means to me) short of my 222 for the year is helping me focus on scheduling and squeezing in some extra walks (with dogs or humans), yoga mat time, bike rides, swims, etc. The 222 goal is not *why* I do them, but 222 being in the mix adds a little push. For me. YMMV.

So, will I or won’t I (finish up my 222 workout goals in 2022)? I think I will. It means I’ve got to get a wiggle on, but I’m feeling like some wiggling is what I want to do. Because, when it comes down to it…

I like to move it move it.

How about you, dear readers? Are you in the throes of some process which may or may not be approaching one of your fitness or practice goals? Did you see the movie Madagascar? I’d like to know…

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