Sam is checking in for July WITH SOME GOOD KNEE NEWS

July has like four days.

First, the good news.

Readers, friends, family, fit feminist community, I have a date for knee replacement surgery.

OMG. It’s been so long. It’s more than 3 years since my sports doctor decided that we’d done all that could be done with knee shots, physio, braces and so on and that the time had come for knee replacement surgery.

It’s been almost three years since I met the surgeon who was going to do it.

I’ve waited patiently though recently my patience came to its end.

And then this week, out the blue, my phone rang and weirdly enough I answered it. I almost never answer my phone. It was the surgeon’s office. To help clear their surgical backlog, they are doing some knee replacements as outpatient, day surgery. It looks like I might be a candidate.

My pre-admit appt is early August.

My surgery is August 29th, possibly earlier if anyone cancels.

Please send me all of your woo, best wishes, prayers, warm feelings. Whatever you’ve got, I need it!

Am I scared? Of course. Yes. People who have had it done keep mentioning the pain but I am in a lot of pain now. I know I am good at physio. I’m determined and persistent and this really matters to me.

So I’m scared but I am also excited by the idea of long hikes in my future.

And in the meantime I’m preparing my workplace for my extended medical leave. I will take the time so I can recover with a focus on physio. I think it’s 6-12 weeks.

I’m doing lots of pre-op physio now, pre-hab as they’re calling it.

What else is going on in July?

Frankly the big knee news is so exciting that I keep forgetting all the other things including the fact that the bike rally starts in less than a week. Yikes!

July also my first month of twelve of not buying new clothes, shoes, or jewellery.

This first month feels like it didn’t count really since some things I ordered in June finally arrived. New bras. I decided to ditch all my underwire bras but sports bras aren’t enough for my work clothes.

I did order one bike jersey to be worn in heat alert conditions. That’s a necessity, an exception item.

It’s been freeing not browsing for clothes and I’ve been using Duolingo for Spanish wherever I’ve been tempted to clothes shop.

¡Feliz día

I’m at 254 workouts for the year. I’ve started knee physio at new place to get ready for surgery.

I’ve ridden my bikes 3365 km so far this year.

I’m reading a fair bit but as usual I’m behind with my summer writing goals.

But right now everything pales in significance compared to two things–I’m going to have knee replacement surgery and THE BIKE RALLY STARTS NEXT WEEK.

I am very very close to my fundraising commitment. Will you be the one to push it over the edge? Please donate here.

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  1. Great news about your knee surgery! My mom had double knee surgery at 75. Please make sure you have a good home care plan!! Sending you all the positive thoughts for a smooth surgery and great outcomes.

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