Things I don’t feel when doing yoga

Unrecognizable woman practicing yoga at home with the help of yoga video. She is doing standing forward bend ( uttanasana pose) on black mat in living room in front of her laptop.

I am not a yogi. Over the years, I have practiced my fair share of yoga. Partly, for the stretching and slow movement as a complement to cardio and strength work. Partly, for the mindfulness I derive(d) from it at various stages of my life (there were a couple years in my late 30s when it was very much a balm to my discontented soul when I found the perfect yoga studio for me. Not competitive or gimmick-y. Just good teachers and a community space with good classes).

I still do my favourite teacher’s classes, virtually, on occasion. I love her regular 108 Sun Salutation classes and moderate intensity flow classes. I really dig her overall vibe.

Mixed in with these sporadic classes, I do some shorter Yoga with Adriene classes to make sure I’m stretching my hips and hamstrings when I’m super focussed on running.

The other day, I was doing a short 20 minute Yoga with Adriene, specifically for hips. The lovely Adriene instructed us to slowly bring our feet together until we feel the arches of our feet connect. This prompt reminded me of the things I don’t feel when doing yoga:

For all of the things I don’t feel when doing yoga, there are things I do:

When doing something such as yoga, I believe it’s important not to worry too much about what “you are supposed to feel”. Focus on the things you do get out of it. The small and big things. That’s what I try to do. And to be grateful for my bunioned feet carrying me through movement.

Nicole P. lives in Toronto and is gearing up for a half marathon on May 1.

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