What’s your perfect bath?

Today is, apparently, “world sleep day”:

There’s nothing better than a great bath to set you up for a good sleep. Enjoy this post I wrote back in the depths of lockdown in 2020 about what makes a perfect bath.


Image from Thomas Despeyroux on Unsplash

I’m a bath person at the best of times. I love a good shower, but if I had to choose between a bathtub and a great shower in my house, I’d always pick a bath. And my bath ratio has gone waaaaaay up since March, both morning and night. There’s something about soaking into a hot tub, even for 15 minutes, that brings my emotional temperature down even as it brings my body heat up.

I think I’m not alone in adding baths to my self-care regime in the uncertainty and just plain weirdness of the past several months. Last week, my friend Elena noted the same thing on facebook, and asked people to chime in on “what makes the perfect bath?”

So my gift to your self-care this Thursday: inspiration for the perfect bath.

Start with:the water. Have some. Have it be…

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