Catherine buys books; you might want to read some of them

It’s the 25th anniversary of World Book Day and so I am reblogging some of our book related posts. We’re not just feminists interested in fitness. We also read a lot about it. Go team of fit feminist readers!


I buy a lot of books. I plan to read them, but work and laundry and friends and phone get in my way. Which is to say that I get in my own way. I’ve got several piles of bought-but-not-read-yet books near my nightstand, and I thought I’d share some with you. This selection may be of interest to FIFI readers, but also readers in general.

In no particular order, here’s a small selection of books I’ve bought that I mean to read or re-read this year:

Lands of Lost Borders: a Journey on the Silk Road, by Kate Harris. It’s a bike travel story, which I love. In this one she and a friend bike in remote parts of China. I’m extra-interested in reading this because I’ve mountain biked with her (she’s a friend of friends). She’s Canadian, just FYI for my friends north of the border…


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