Happy Valentines from the FIFI Blog Team!

LOVE in translucent red block letters. Photo from Unsplash.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I asked the Fit is a Feminist bloggers for gifts and good wishes for the blog community.

Here’s what they have to say:


Today, I give you a heart full of gold stars to celebrate your efforts to take good care of yourselves – whatever that means for you.

And I also give you the internal and external space you need to find/create some ease in your lives.

Image description: a small painting of a heart filled with gold stars. The heart is outlined in black, the background of the painting is dark pink with gold dots and the edges are trimmed in gold.


I give you free running shoes from me for hearts day! 🥰 See What if Exercise Were Free?


Honestly if I could I would give you all time in a tent in the rainforest. This has been a week that is from a whole other dimension in time and space 😉

Cate in Costa Rica


On Valentine’s Day, write a love letter to yourself. What do you appreciate about yourself. Where will you cut yourself some slack? What makes you feel alive, whether movement or stimulation to your senses? How do you take care of yourself when you are alone, just you?

If you don’t know, because you don’t give yourself the permission to explore on your own, give yourself the gift of this type of exploration.


Happy Valentines! If I could you all a gift it would be some time to spend on yourselves- whether that means moving, reading, resting, sleeping… just an additional free hour in the day that’s magically untouchable by work, chores or other demands and commitments and therefore must be spent on doing something nice for oneself and one’s body.


If I could, I would give you a day to do something that gives you joy. Chocolate cake? A run? Knitting with a cat on your lap? All good! Since I’m not a huge fan of the day, I would also wish that it doesn’t look too much different from every other day of the year. I would give the gift of finding a bit of joy in every day, and celebrating it.


Happy Valentines Day blog community! Today I give you the gift of movement with two videos, one a dance party and one yoga for self love. Enjoy!

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