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Happy Galentine’s Day?

It keeps coming up in my social media newsfeed and I had to Google it.

I’m not sure why women can’t celebrate each other on regular old V Day, Feb 14th. I guess the distinction is between the love of friendship and the love of romance. If that’s it though why can’t we celebrate all gender friendship on the 13th?

Monday is Valentine’s Day and it’s my regular day to post so I’ve organized a group post, a Valentine’s, though not a Galentine’s, to the whole Fit is a Feminist Issue blog community. You can read it tomorrow. Enjoy.

I’m curious though, is Galentine’s a thing in your world?

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2 thoughts on “Happy Galentine’s Day?

  1. Yes! I texted my college girlfriends yesterday to wish them a Happy Galentine’s Day, goofy pictures of us resurfaced, and we all had a laugh. It’s just a silly thing we do once a year to remember how much we appreciate each other.

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